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What’s Hot in 2020? 6 New Trends in the Beverage Industry

3 2020

As beverage bottlers and distributors, it's important to know where consumer interests and tastes lie. Last year, some of the top trends were related to health and sustainability. This year, while these trends grow to a whole new level, some new ones are developing.

Let’s take a look at what the beverage industry can expect to see this year and explore the value of adding beverage products that fit into these categories to your beverage portfolio.

1. Sustainability - We Want to Save the Planet!

Consumers today tend to be looking for food and beverages that are clean & green - and that includes not just the ingredients, but also the packaging.

2019 saw an increased interest in using glass bottles - which, incidentally, contributed to the growth of craft beverages.

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2. Flavors - The Wilder the Better

Wacky and exotic flavors - that’s where it’s at.

RC Q Exotic and RC Refresher Bitter Lemon with Mandarin fit into this category, appealing to individuals looking for flavors and products that are a little bit different or more interesting.

According to BeverageDaily.com, the flavors that will be in demand this year include botanicals, citrus, ginger, and exotic foods such as guava, chili and seaweed.

According to beverage development company Flavorman, botanicals such as basil, cilantro, lavender, elderflower, sorrel, and orange peel are expected to be increasingly popular, partly because they add fresh flavors without adding sugar for taste.

Flavorman also predicts ginger paired with fruit flavors will be one of the trendy combos this year.

This isn’t specific to flavor, yet it’s connected: This year, brightly colored foods will also be “in” - turmeric, beet, matcha, and butterfly pea flower.


3. Nostalgic Flavors

It turns out that because food memories involve a basic, nonverbal part of the brain and utilize all of the 5 senses they tend to be very powerful. Some of us are nostalgic about hot dogs and beer, perhaps, while others may have nostalgia for homemade soup or birthday cake. The memories are highly associative, reminding us of childhood, perhaps, or a favorite summer outing.

Our Royal Crown Craft Cola is a highly nostalgic beverage. It makes you feel like you’re drinking an old fashioned, southern cola and that you can sit back and relax, just like they used to do in the good ol’ days.

Recently, a number of snacks from the 90’s have made their big return to the market. And soft drinks offering those exact flavors, such as s'mores and birthday cake, could be particularly trendy this year.


4. Culture - Don’t Just Drink It, Experience It

Millennials are all about the experience. They want a beverage that’s more than a drink - and are looking for something that’s “Instagrammable.”

We can expect them to be drawn to beverages that stand out whether it’s creative packaging or only available to some.This need has had an impact on several other trends, encouraging the consumption of wild flavors and the development of eye-catching and artistic packaging.

It’s also encouraged the beverage industry to produce limited-time-only beverage products, as well as drinks that are only sold in specific geographic areas.


5. Health 

According to Euromonitor, the share of health products on the market is growing, and it is expected to pick up the pace this year and start to grow even faster. Beverages like RC Neo and Royal Crown Cola Slim are an example of this - appealing to those who want to keep away from high sugar products while still enjoying a delicious soda.

Many consumers are interested in cutting out artificial flavors and sweeteners so beverages with cane sugar or stevia are particularly attractive. Others are looking for beverages that are full of vitamins and minerals, superfruits or herbs.

Still, some are focused on functional benefits, including improvements in: energy levels, relaxation, better concentration, memory improvements, weight loss, and better digestion.

Finally, a completely new direction in functional, health-related beverages products this year is beverages that help people detoxify.


6. No- or Low-Alcohol - Because There’s More Than One Way to Party

There’s a new level of consumer interest in drinking alcohol free or low-alcohol beverages at parties, bars, and restaurants. Consumers - particularly Millennials and Gen Z - want to be able to enjoy a night out on the town without ending up with a headache the next day.

And this year, a greater number of manufacturers, brands, and restaurants are going to start offering new and varied options to meet that need.


Adding Trendy Beverage Products Brings Greater Value to Your Portfolio

At RC Cola International, we constantly strive to innovate in order to meet consumer demands. Our researchers and development teams work on an ongoing basis to produce new beverage products that fit the latest trends while increasing our bottlers revenue.

The wide variety of beverages we offer includes products that fit in with the hottest trends this year, such as: RC Q Exotic and RC Refresher Bitter Lemon with Mandarin for unique, interesting flavors, RC Neo and Royal Crown Cola Slim as healthier alternatives, and the nostalgic Royal Crown Craft Cola.

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