Finding That Sweet Spot: What’s Driving the Beverage Industry’s Burgeoning Interest in Sugar Alternatives?

Soft beverages are generally sweetened using cane sugar. At least that’s how it used to be. But today that’s not necessarily true, as a wide range of sugar alternatives are becoming more popular. What’s driving this...


5 Best Practices for Mastering your Beverage Portfolio

Today’s consumer reality is markedly different than that of previous generations. For example: there was a time when a consumer was likely to stick with a favorite flavor, but today everyone seems to be talking about...


Trending: What’s Next in the Beverage Industry

An overarching trend among contemporary consumers is a more holistic view of health and wellness that involves supporting mental, physical, and environmental health. And this is determining, to a large extent, the...

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4 Best Practices in Beverage Development

The increased competition in the beverage industry means you need to produce beverages that clearly rise above the rest. While there’s no particular recipe for success, there are certain areas where it’s easy to cut...

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Building Brand Loyalty for Your Craft Beverage– The Ultimate Guide

Brand loyalty may be a thing of the past, as consumers make more and more buying decisions based on recommendations they find online. Certainly, online shopping habits are having a big impact on the consumer’s journey...

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Standing Out From the Crowd – Staying Competitive in the World of Craft Beverages

The concept of craft has taken on a momentum of its own. Many consumers have become interested in having a range of beverage options other than the more standard drink menu when ordering at a restaurant or bar, or even...


4 Key Takeaways from SIAL Paris 2018

International food exhibition SIAL (Salon International de l’Alimentation) was a hit! We enjoyed the food and beverages, the people, and the amazing “buzz” at the conference, which took place from October 21 to 25 


HORECA Europe's Most Popular Beverages 2018

HORECA has become more significant than ever – as indicated in a recent report: “The hotels, restaurants and cafes channel performs strongest in Europe.” A look at current trends provides a better understanding of...

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Beverage Clean Label Trends Driving Innovations

Consumers have never been more curious about new tastes and experiences, and it’s no different when it comes to beverages. Demand for clean label drinks that provide greater variety and quality in taste is challenging...

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Welcome to the RC Cola Family, Nigeria!

RC Cola International would like you to join in giving a warm welcome to FIRSTBEV Nigeria as they now have become part of the RC Cola Family! 

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