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Changing The Game In Beverage Bottling: RC Cola Double Caffeine

6 2023

Meet our newest beverage: RC Cola Double Caffeine. Using the same beloved, high quality ingredients as our core product offerings, this beverage gives our customers the taste they love with a double boost of energy.

Introducing RC Cola Double Caffeine

Our new drink, RC Cola Double Caffeine, contains twice the amount of caffeine as our regular RC Cola. It provides an extra boost and maximum energy for busy consumers looking for a pick-me-up.

From reduced sugar beverages to fresh, fruity flavors, RC Cola is always expanding and growing our product offerings. We’re delighted to debut our newest exciting product in the RC Cola portfolio, which we expect to be a hit with customers and bottlers alike.

RC cola double caffeine

With 93% of surveyed Americans reporting that they drink caffeine regularly, RC Cola Double Caffeine provides consumers with a way to get their much-needed energy boost, in one bottle. 


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Capitalizing On Market Trends: Why RC Cola Is Launching This New Beverage 

With a history stretching back more than a century, we’re deeply familiar with the power of changing trends and addressing shifting consumer preferences in order to stay current. Right now, consumer tastes are evolving, and RC Cola is evolving with them.

Coffee has exploded in popularity, with more and more SKUs from numerous bottlers and brands resonating with consumers. A recent survey found that since the start of the pandemic, 59% of Americans have increased their caffeine consumption.

Devan Conness, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International, notes that consumers are looking for drinks that both soothe them and provide functional benefits, such as energy or increased concentration.

“One of America’s biggest health concerns is stress and anxiety,” Conness says. “People are busy…and look to beverages to provide things they don’t have, namely energy and relaxation.

Conness explains that “consumers look towards caffeine to get them through the day” and that we can expect to see “continued growth” of these functional beverages.

With coffee trends sweeping the market, we spotted a major opportunity for our brand. We’re leveraging this increasing customer interest in caffeinated drinks, and our newest beverage is meant for consumers looking for that extra boost of energy for their busy lifestyles.

RC Cola Double Caffeine is a premium drink made with the same high quality ingredients as our other beverages, but includes a double kick of caffeine. This flavor SKU is sure to appeal to both our core audience as well as new buyers, invigorating our rich product offerings with a new taste.

Consumer palates are evolving, with tastes diversifying from sweeter and less bitter to richer and more complex, providing experiences for which they are willing to pay a premium,” explains Andrew Wardlaw, Chief Ideas Officer at MMR Research.

Innovation is always at the core of everything we do (did you know, we were the first brand to offer a diet cola back in 1958!), and a double caffeinated beverage was the natural progression for our brand looking towards 2023 and beyond. 

 ‘"We're thrilled to introduce RC Cola Double Caffeine to our loyal fans and newcomers alike,” says Anton Panajon, Senior Marketing Manager of RC Cola International.

“This new beverage is a game-changer, delivering a double shot of caffeine that will power you through your day. At RC Cola, we're committed to delivering innovative and delicious beverages, and we're confident that Double Caffeine will be a hit with anyone who needs that double boost to tackle their day.”


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RC Cola in 2023: More Major Moves Ahead

We are thrilled for our bottlers to launch this exciting new product in their markets, and we’re looking forward to the response of our longtime customers and new consumers alike.

RC Cola Double Caffeine isn’t the only surprise in store for the next year. Stay tuned for more innovation and launches in the RC Cola portfolio for 2023.

If you’d like to learn more about beverage bottling and debuting new products, get in touch with RC Cola today. We have decades of experience guiding manufacturers and bottling through the process of launching a new beverage, and would love to help you get started.


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