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Unleash Your Taste Buds with The New RC Cola Flavor Collection!

6 2023

As consumer preferences towards exotic and adventurous flavors continue to grow, RC Cola unleashes its new RC Cola Flavor Collection.

Introducing the RC Cola Flavor Collection 

From the classic, tried-and-true tastes that consumers have loved for decades to exotic, fun flavors that are currently sweeping the market, RC Cola’s Flavor Collection has something for everyone. 

RC Flavor Collection

Our Vanilla, Lime, Apple, Coffee, Marshmallow, and Winter Spice flavors are perfect for different times of the year and diverse personas. Discover 6 of your new favorite flavors as you indulge in the RC Cola Flavor Collection. 

Whether you are into zingy, crisp, invigorating, creamy or warming flavors, you're sure to find your go-to beverage.  

Marshmallow (2)

These funky flavors are perfect for surprising existing loyal consumers  and winning over new, adventurous consumers.

RC Cola Flavor Collection WinterSpice


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Current Market Trends: What’s The Impact On Beverage Bottling?

Consumers are looking for more than run-of-the-mill flavors. While classic flavors will always have a place in thirsty hearts and taste buds, consumers are searching for beverages that excite their palates and provide a unique flavor profile. To stay relevant, it’s critical that brands think outside of the box and embrace creativity when it comes to new flavor variations.

This increase in the need for bold and unexpected tastes comes from shifting consumer preferences. According to global data, the majority of consumers in the U.S. - 60 percent - consider themselves to be “foodies,” meaning that they are in search of premium, new and unique flavors in their food and beverage choices.

RC Cola Flavor Collection Lime


The Meteoric Rise Of The Flavor Industry

The flavor industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. Mordor Intelligence found that the global flavor market has exploded in size with no signs of slowing down, being valued at $16.4 billion in 2020 and expected to reach a staggering $20.5 billion by 2026.

Research from Technomic shows that 47 percent of consumers are more likely to visit a food or beverage establishment if they offer new or innovative flavors. This trend is particularly prominent among younger consumers, with 60 percent of Gen Z and 54 percent of Millennials reporting that they enjoy trying new flavors.

“We’re also seeing opportunities for more exotic flavor profiles,” says Jennifer Zhou, senior director of product marketing at food and beverage consumer research firm ADM. “Consumers are thirsting for new experiences and excitement, fueling a rise in global flavor profiles across applications.”

Zhou adds that “well-known regional flavors are being elevated in exciting combinations, like tropical cherry apricot and lychee coconut.” As customer preferences continue to trend towards the more adventurous, “‘familiar with a twist’ flavors provide a broad scope to engage with consumers.”

It’s clear that offering your consumers a unique experience that includes unexpected or uncommon flavors is the key to standing out in a crowded market. This is particularly true when it comes to younger consumers, from the Millennial and Gen Z generations. 


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Success In Beverage Bottling Now Means Innovation

As a legacy soda company established more than a century ago, RC Cola understands how bottlers need to evolve with the times in order to remain at the top. RC Cola’s Flavor Collection addresses changing consumer demand for funky flavors, while keeping the same treasured tastes and trusted brand name that our audience loves.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new RC Cola Flavor Collection to the market. With the rise of consumer demand for unique and exciting flavors, we are confident that our new line will be a game changer for our bottlers and customers alike,” says Anton Panajon, Senior Marketing Manager at RC Cola.

“We are excited to offer a range of innovative and refreshing options that will satisfy any palate and keep RC Cola at the forefront of the beverage industry.”


The future Is Now: Introducing Our Flavor Collection To Beverage Bottlers 

We can’t wait for our bottlers to launch these exciting new products in their markets. On top of this exciting news, have you checked out our brand new beverage, RC Cola Double Caffeine?

With a double boost of caffeine perfect for consumers with busy, on-the-go lifestyles, this beverage is sure to give customers the kick they need to get through the day, along with the classic RC Cola taste they love.

Curious about beverage bottling and debuting new products? Get in touch with RC Cola today. Leveraging our decades of experience in successfully developing and launching new products, we’d love to guide you through the process of SKU and portfolio expansion. 

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