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Beverage Marketing and Media Coverage - What You Need To Know

6 2022

Launching a new beverage is just the first step in your beverage marketing strategy. Knowing how to successfully leverage earned media coverage is key.

After refining your formula, selecting the right packaging, and finalizing your launch date, you’re ready to release your new beverage. But did you know that you can tailor your beverage marketing strategy to maximize media coverage and strengthen your bottom line? 

Beyond the excitement of getting your brand in the news, media coverage is a highly economical way to increase your brand recognition and market share. You can target and attract new customers via the media, without needing to pay for traditional and social media advertising. Investor interest can also potentially be increased by positive media coverage.

No matter whether you have a brand new product or you’re looking to promote an existing beverage, there are many ways for you to leverage effective media coverage.


How to get started

Here are some tips for kicking off your innovative beverage marketing campaign for your new product.


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1. Identify your key messages

“Your story is intricately linked with your intention. If you don’t know who it’s for and what it’s for, the story can’t resonate,says marketing expert Seth Godin. Bear this in mind as you determine which aspects of your new beverage and launch are interesting to readers


Find ways to connect with current events or industry trends to make your launch newsworthy. Tailor your press release to show how you solve a particular pain point for consumers, whether it’s reduced sugar, new innovative flavors or even more convenient packaging.


2. Reach out to professionals

Professionals are there for a reason. Consider retaining a PR agency to ensure that your new beverage’s launch is handled by experts with years of experience in the field. Think of it as a valuable investment in your brand’s future.

Ensuring you appoint a PR agency that aligns with your brand is crucial. Research PR agencies that have worked with your industry before, as they will already have the relevant media contacts.


3. Research and identify targets

Gauge which journalists, thought leaders, and publications are most likely to find your product launch of interest. By approaching the right people and outlets, you’re greatly increasing the chances that your launch will gain traction and coverage.

If your product features immune-boosting components, vitamins, or provides other health benefits, you should consider reaching out to wellness and healthy living blogs and magazines. Or if your new beverage’s packaging is composed of 100 percent recycled materials, a journalist who covers the environment and sustainability is a great target for outreach.

Think about the bigger picture, beyond your brand and your product. Try to identify ways for your beverage to fit into a larger story, as it makes covering your launch more appealing for journalists and outlets. 


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4. Prepare ahead of time

Ensure that your brand is ready for media outreach and attention by carefully planning in advance. Appoint a company spokesman, who reporters can approach for additional commentary or follow-up questions about your product and brand.

Create a product launch toolkit. This should include multimedia, such as still images or video of the product, and a press release. The release should contain all relevant information about the launch, including data like dates, facts and figures, and quotes from senior executives. 

Send out the media release assets with an embargo attached for a specific release date. Releasing with an embargo ensures that all media outlets will be sharing the story at the same time, which creates a bigger and wider impact.


Innovative beverage marketing: the key to earned media

For coverage that counts, your beverage marketing strategy must go beyond the obvious of playing up your product’s benefits and features. Demonstrate why consumers should be excited about your product. Having an interesting story to tell, and leveraging the latest market trends for decision making, will help you craft a narrative that attracts attention. 

In order to encourage the press and public to follow your brand and products, it’s critical to foster deep connections with peers in your industry, journalists, and social media influencers. Think creatively about ways to make your drink intriguing for these audiences, as well as your core target market. 



While face-to-face meetings were largely paused during the pandemic, networking is still an important element of innovative beverage marketing success. 

Attending industry events can help your product make a splash on the beverage scene. Whether this is through having a stand to showcase your new beverage or simply attending an event as a spectator. This method ensures you can make important connections that may prove beneficial to your business in the future. 

Networking online by directly interacting with press and thought leaders is also a great way to stay top of mind for these individuals. 


Stay on top of trends

Being able to quickly react to upcoming trends and adjust your product offerings accordingly is very important. Agility around responding to shifting consumer preferences can give you a major leg up on your competition when it comes to innovative beverage marketing.

At the development stage, consider what new trends are current and how your beverage can reflect this. You can research this through evaluating the latest products that resonate with your target audience.

You can also take an existing new product and tweak it, or market it in a way that emphasizes how it addresses new trends.

A product that’s on trend is also extremely valuable for media outreach. Your new beverage could go viral or even make the news, providing valuable organic exposure and generating buzz around your product.

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Influencer marketing

“People can break through the noise. People trust people. Influence is about relationships,” says Ty Heath, global lead at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute.

The right influencer can massively boost awareness of your new product. But you need to be sure that the influencer you choose is the correct fit for your brand, both in terms of your business’ image and values, and for your budget. 

Identify influencers that are natural partners for your product early, and invest time and energy into building a rapport with them. This relationship will shine through in the authenticity of their messaging and resonate with their audiences.

Ensuring you have a strong and innovative beverage marketing strategy is an important step for your new and existing beverage’s success. RC Cola is here to assist in putting together an effective media outreach campaign for your brand. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more.

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