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How Holiday Packaging Can Make Your Beverage the Star of the Season

3 2021

The power of beverage packaging can’t be overstated, with some 72% of consumers reporting that a product’s packaging affects their decision on whether or not to make a purchase. During the holiday period, it’s up to you to take advantage of the huge opportunity offered by seasonal packaging to generate buzz around your brand and reach your target audience. Think of it as a key aspect of your beverage strategy, as important as the taste of your drink, your bottling equipment, and your distribution plan.

Read on to find out more about how you can leverage holiday packaging to connect with your customers on an emotional level and create lifelong brand loyalty.

Benefits of holiday packaging

Attractive packaging gets your brand noticed, gets consumers into the holiday spirit and the more relaxed approach to spending that goes along with it, and encourages them to purchase your products for holiday events. By creating a unique, eye-catching design that speaks to the needs of customers gearing up for the holidays, you can set the stage for a scenario in which purchasing your beverage becomes an annual tradition.

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Most of us have happy memories correlated with particular holidays. By embracing seasonal packaging, you can shine a positive spotlight on your brand, helping consumers positively associate your product with joyous times and celebration.

Seasonal packaging also creates the perfect opportunity for collectables. A limited-time promotion motivates your brands’ fans to purchase the special seasonal-packaged edition of your product, lest they risk missing out on the fun. They may even save the package instead of consuming the drink, in the hope that it may become valuable to future collectors.


Clever packaging design is also great for your brand’s public relations and marketing strategy. Today’s consumers love to share Instagrammable products on their feeds. A cute holiday package leads to organic attention on social media, which in turn gives you free publicity and provides a boost to brand awareness.

Which holidays deserve special packaging? 

December Holidays 

The month of December is packed with festivals celebrated by millions of people around the world, from many different faiths and cultures. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and New Years’ Eve are just a few of the December holidays which bring friends and families together. 

Be aware of cultural sensitivities. It’s critical that you know your customers and what packaging will best resonate with them. For example, Diwali-themed packaging may be a huge hit with Indian audiences, but could fall flat in non-Indian markets. Conduct market research to determine which depictions of cultural and religious traditions are the most relevant for your target audience.

Other holidays

Beyond the December holidays, there are other large-scale celebrations that could potentially warrant special packaging. Think Valentine’s Day, the Spring Equinox, major international events like the Olympics or the World Cup, and local holidays that are celebrated by your customers. 

You might also consider endorsing a charity or social justice movement that reflects your brands’ values, and adopt limited-time packaging which aligns with those causes.

Financial factors to consider

While it’s clear that seasonal packaging is an investment that will pay off in both the short term and long run, there are up-front costs you should take into account when planning your holiday packaging. 

First, you’ll need to factor in the potential expenses of changing up your usual packaging style. This will likely include paying for a new, seasonal design, as well as extra manufacturing and bottling equipment costs. And because this packaging is closely associated with a particular time of year, that means expiration dates matter more than ever. Consumers may be reluctant to purchase a beverage with holiday themed packaging after that holiday has passed.

Any remaining back stock after the holiday period will likely be unsellable, so you should carefully calculate how much of the limited-run packaging you wish to order. 

Because seasonal packaging is incredibly time-sensitive, there’s little wiggle room for errors. Execution and production of your design must be perfect starting with the first printing, as just one bad batch of holiday packaging could majorly disrupt your distribution plan.

While there are risks around holiday packaging, the benefits of a unique design that connects with your customers, builds brand recognition, and makes your drink stand out from the crowd mitigate any potential downsides. A limited-time, holiday packaging promotion will create buzz and excitement around your brand and boost your bottom line.

Become a bottler with RC Cola for more holiday packaging advice. With decades of experience in specialty beverage packaging and marketing, we’d love to guide you in your search for the ultimate holiday packaging to make your soft drink stand out on the shelf and in the minds of your customers.Get in touch with the RC Cola Team!