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Obi Zulol's Sizzling Launch of RCX Flavor Collection

4 2023

A Premier RC Cola International Partner

Obi Zulol is the leading bottling company in Tajikistan, a cornerstone of the local food and beverage industry, and a regional bottling powerhouse, as well.

Using cold, hot, and aseptic production methods, the company bottles and distributes a wide range of carbonated soft drinks and juices, which are supplied in PET containers, glass bottles, and cardboard packaging.

A long-term RC Cola International partner, Obi Zulol’s 23 years of close collaboration with RC Cola have significantly contributed to the company’s growth. Obi Zulol’s recent and widely successful launch of several flavors from the RC Flavor Collection is an excellent example of how working hand-in-hand with RC Cola benefits consumers and bottlers alike!


The Launch Plan

To adapt to evolving consumer preferences and strengthen the company’s market position, Obi Zulol decided to launch a selection of new flavors from the RC Flavor Collection.

After careful market analysis and tastings, three flavors - Coffee, Vanilla, and Marshmallow - were selected for launch. Vanilla and Marshmallow were chosen because they effectively cater to both youth and consumers aged 30-45 – for whom the flavors evoke a nostalgic taste of childhood. Coffee was chosen owing to the emerging local coffee culture and the flavor’s growing popularity among youth.

RC Cola has been a beloved brand – literally a household name - in Tajikistan for almost a quarter of a century. Leveraging this, Obi Zulol developed a robust marketing strategy to ensure high uptake and raise awareness of these new RC Cola flavors. This strategy targeted key retail outlets like supermarkets and HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Café) establishments, owing to the planned 500 ml packaging.

Go-to-Market Tactics

Obi Zulol chose classic and proven go-to-market tactics to introduce the new RC Cola flavors. To create urgency and leverage the long-term relationship local consumers have with RC Cola products, Obi Zulol decided to position the new flavors as exclusive and limited-edition offerings.

The company began by intensely promoting this offering with an extensive multi-channel marketing campaign. Obi Zulol first produced a commercial which was pushed across social media, television, and digital billboards. The company also leveraged their reach on Instagram and Facebook – including a mini-competition - and added contextual advertising through Google to the marketing mix, as well.

Finally, they used traditional promotional methods like television advertising, media coverage via PR articles featured in news portals, and radio advertising.

Tactile Marketing Campaign

To amplify product visibility during the launch period, Obi Zulol organized tastings and a mini taste test at retail outlets throughout Dushanbe, the country’s capital. Together with posters and flyers that were displayed at these locations, they boosted street visibility with mobile truck-based signage.

The supermarket tastings and the challenge were an excellent opportunity to sample consumer sentiment firsthand. The majority of participants in the taste test had a favorable response to the new flavors. RC Cola Coffee emerged as a particular favorite, and consumers noted its distinctive coffee taste and pleasant, invigorating aroma. The coffee flavor was notably favored by those who do not prefer sweet beverages, while fans of sweeter options reacted more favorably to Marshmallow and Vanilla.

Online Reactions

Online, reactions to the new products were clearly positive. Some of the most popular feedback (measured by reactions and replies) from the company’s official Instagram page included:

  • @khujandeee_: “New RC Cola flavors are perfect with our national food. RC Cola Vanilla is great with our favorite Palov (Tajik national meal) and the RC Cola Coffee flavor perfectly combined with meat dishes, in addition it is so refreshing in a hot and sunny day”
  • @tjk.bstn replied: “My most much-awaited coffee”
  • @shahzod_kurbanov111: “Three great tastes, I don’t know which of them should be first to try”
  • @tajik_iranian02: “Have you tried new RC products? Vanilla is very unusual, but I fall in love with this flavor!”

The Results

Following the announcement of the new flavors, Obi Zulol saw a surge of interest from outlets seeking to stock these products. The advance marketing generated substantial anticipation among both dedicated RC Cola enthusiasts and new RC Cola drinkers. The release of the captivating Coffee flavor commercial heightened the excitement, and the novel flavors in aluminum cans disappeared quickly off supermarket shelves.

Consumers welcomed the new flavors as a delightful addition to their favorite beverages. The initial batch of these new flavors quickly sold out, prompting multiple new orders to meet consumer demands. Current sales rates indicate additional orders of new RC Cola flavors in the pipeline.

The Bottom Line

The successful launch of flavors from the RCX Flavor Collection by Tajikistan's premier bottling company, Obi Zulol, is a remarkable example of partnership between an international brand and an innovative local industry leader.

With their extensive experience, market savvy and dedication, Obi Zulol has played a pivotal role in the growth of RC Cola, making it a household name in Tajikistan. Their recent introduction of RC Cola's newest flavors showcases the company's ability to adapt to evolving consumer preferences - crafting a highly effective marketing strategy that was the driving force behind the overwhelming success of this launch.

The Obi Zulol launch is also a testament to the possibilities that partnering with RC Cola International offers to bottlers looking to expand their market share in the competitive cola industry. This launch exemplifies the synergy between innovation, consumer demand, and effective marketing – and should encourage other bottlers to explore the advantages of a partnership with RC Cola International.

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