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How RC Cola Made a Splash at DrinkTec 2022

7 2022

From sustainable packaging to advanced technology, these are the major beverage industry trends we spotted at DrinkTec.

The world’s leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry, DrinkTec is the place to be when it comes to businesses learning about the most important current trends in the beverage industry, from sustainability to smart manufacturing technology.

We had an amazing time at DrinkTec in Munich. Here’s our round-up:

the rc cola team at drinktec


Connecting with RC Bottlers from around the world

We were thrilled to meet with our RC Cola bottlers and their representatives from all over the world. We enjoyed many intriguing and thought-provoking conversations with our bottlers, who shared innovative ideas and plans for launches and campaigns to come (watch out for upcoming case studies). 

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Key takeaways and highlights from DrinkTec 2022

While at DrinkTec, we didn’t only share RC Cola’s new developments, we also mingled, attended lectures and learned so much on the latest industry trends and innovations. Here’s a glimpse into some of our key takeaways: 

RC Cola’s ‘Why Not?’ campaign - a crowd favorite


Our recent Why Not? branding campaign was a big hit at DrinkTec, with the RC Cola booth designed using it’s look and feel. We were excited and proud to fully introduce the campaign to an international professional audience. 

rc cola drinktec stand

The bright coloring, font choice and general vibe of the campaign attracted the eye and enticed visitors to come right in and taste beverages from our global portfolio. 

Why Not Branding at the RC Cola booth

Exciting things are on the horizon for our ‘Why Not?’ campaign, so watch this space! 

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Streamlining the manufacturing process with smart technology

Advanced machine learning and deep learning are helping optimize the bottling process, ensuring that quality control is easier and more accurate, as well as helping to reduce waste and errors. 

Beverage technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years, with tech solutions able to act as effective empty bottle inspectors. Although a human touch is still needed for bottle inspections and the process isn’t 100% automated at this point in time, technology can help close the gaps and aid bottlers in using their resources, including raw materials, more efficiently.


High impact labeling is mission critical

With the average consumer facing so many choices when it comes to selecting a beverage, manufacturers that don’t invest in labeling and packaging that stands out are putting themselves at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

Labeling and packaging tell customers much more than what’s inside the bottle - they can provide an important snapshot about a brand’s story, voice, and values. Because the label is often the crucial first impression a brand has upon a consumer, creating an outstanding label is paramount.

Individualized labeling, which speaks to your target audience in each country or market, is key.

Sustainable packaging machines are growing in popularity

In line with an overall trend towards embracing greener practices in the beverage industry, manufacturers and bottlers are seeking out sustainable packaging machines

Packaging machines that leverage advanced technology can help soda manufacturers reduce their ecological footprint through smarter water management. According to estimates from the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering (VDMA), sustainable packaging machines could potentially help bottlers save up to 60 percent on their water usage rates.

And with SKU expansion and a high growth rate for soft drinks meaning that many companies are currently ramping up production, there’s a serious need for better and bigger packaging machines, both from an environmental and business standpoint.

Recycled packaging is becoming an industry standard

As we previously touched on, both corporate and consumer awareness around sustainability has reached an all-time high. Soda manufacturers are reexamining their practices in order to create products that are better for the planet, and sustainable packaging has become a major part of that effort.

Resource-saving technology has taken center stage, and brands are exploring ways to use thinner materials, plastic alternatives such as recyclable aluminum and glass bottles, and recycled containers for packaging that’s environmentally-friendly. Avoiding unnecessary waste and reducing emissions via sustainable packaging is one of the current trends in the beverage industry that’s sure to stay relevant for years to come.

What to expect in 2023

Curious about which current trends in the beverage industry are going to have the biggest impact in 2023? Check out our free eBook highlighting the trends that will matter the most during the next year and which trends you can get a jump on.

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