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RC Cola Coffee: A CSD Launch Success Story

5 2018

You can’t really go wrong with coffee – one of the world’s favorite drinks. And that’s just one of the reasons that earlier this year, RC Cola Georgia decided to expand its CSD product portfolio by launching a new brand – RC Cola Coffee.

Since it launched in 2016, RC Cola Georgia has been bottling RC Cola, RC Q Orange & Lemon Lime and Rad Rain. When consumer studies revealed the opportunity to add another brand to the mix: the tremendous popularity of coffee and cola in Georgia made RC Cola Coffee the obvious choice.

Coffee is “Hot” – International Trends

A leading consideration in the decision to launch RC Cola Coffee was the awareness of increasing demand for coffee-flavored products. It’s no secret that coffee is a fast-growing trend internationally. Particularly in Europe, the coffee market is strong. In fact, coffee has the highest consumption rate of any beverage in Europe, and in Georgia, it is particularly well-loved – as detailed in Euromonitor International’s report.

Coffee is also breaking generational boundaries: millennials, who account for 24% of the adult population in Europe today, have become a factor in this growing demand. They like experimenting with new tastes, including coffee and coffee-flavored beverages. This is encouraging the development of innovative products in the coffee market. For example, cold brew coffee is a breakout trend that started in the US and is now making its way across Europe. All these trends supported the assumption that RC Cola Coffee was the perfect choice for RC Cola Georgia to add to their portfolio. Made from 100% Arabica beans, this new brand would have a strong appeal to serious coffee lovers.

Building on the Legacy of the American Lifestyle

Many American brands, when selling outside of North America, leverage their American roots and the American lifestyle in their campaigns. When it came to launching RC Cola Coffee in Georgia, the RC Cola International brand which is very much entrenched in an all time American tradition – this key message in the campaign.  

The target market of the launch was Gen Z. This choice not only aligned with best practices for marketing CSDs, as there is strong demand for CSDs in this segment, but it was also a strategic decision. When companies successfully nurture their target market they are able to cultivate long-term brand loyalty. Therefore, the marketing activities supporting the launch of RC Cola Coffee were strategically placed to communicate these messages:

Enjoying RC Cola Coffee RC Cola Coffee Placement 2
Georgian celebrities enjoying RC Cola Coffee Tasting sessions for RC Cola Coffee

It’s a Win-Win – Hands Down!

Yes, indeed! Only a few months following its launch, RC Cola Coffee has already won a Superior Taste Award – One Star. And all indications show that the product is performing well.

But it’s not just about the greatness of RC Cola Coffee itself. The launch of the new product contributed to the overall success of RC Cola Georgia. The bottler now holds about 20% of the market share in Georgia, replacing competing colas in many stores with exclusivity. This shows real tangible success in broadening the Georgian perception of RC Cola as a leading traditional American cola brand. 

Onward and Upward – Further Growth and Expansion

With the successful launch of RC Cola Coffee, RC Cola Georgia is looking forward to the future expansion of their portfolio in the upcoming months. They will also focus its efforts on adding new products that allow them to target the HORECA market that will contribute to their long-term goal of becoming a go-to beverage in the Georgian CSD market.

The launch of RC Cola Coffee was particularly successful because RC Cola International takes care to provide their bottlers with relevant research on beverage trends. By knowing exactly what their customers wanted and leveraging this opportunity, the dividends paid off!

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