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RC Cola International: Come and Meet our Top 7 Brands

4 2019

A beloved American icon for 114 years, RC Cola has always been associated with innovation since its introduction in 1905. Today, RC Cola International has a wide variety of award-winning brands, sold to millions of fans in over 67 countries.

If you are a bottler or distributor, you might want to consider adding any of these amazing beverage brands to your portfolio. In today’s industry, bottlers and distributors who offer innovation and continue to provide a range of exciting, new options win the hearts of consumers and keep them coming back for more.

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Going Back to the Beginning

The very first Royal Crown beverage was developed in 1905 by a pharmacist named Claud A. Hatcher, who developed his very first beverage in the basement of the family’s wholesale grocery business. After experimenting with different formulas, he eventually created what became Royal Crown and laid the foundation for the family’s new business.

Royal Crown grew quickly and became a real success, reaching such popularity levels that it soon became a symbol of Columbus, Georgia, eventually turning into an American icon.

As early as 1920, the business had already spread out throughout the South and the Midwest, with over 700 bottling plants. After reaching all regions of the United States, it was first sold internationally in the 1970's and is now the brand choice of satisfied customers around the world.

Join the RC Family: Diversify Your Portfolio

As a bottler or distributor, you too can benefit from RC Cola’s success and become a part of the RC family. Today’s distributors and bottlers can increase ROI by focusing on innovation in brand portfolio management, and expanding portfolios to include one of RC Cola’s top brands.

By being more flexible and giving consumers a diverse portfolio with a wide variety of flavors and beverage brands, you can take advantage of customer interest in new tastes and increase your market share. With our range of winning flavors, RC Cola International offers distributors and bottlers the ideal approach to diversifying a product portfolio with new beverage brands. 

Here is our choice of top 7 RC Cola International brands to consider:

1. RC Cola

Go with the “tried and true!” As one of the original American colas, this classic flavor has been around for almost 115 years and is the preferred beverage of millions of consumers around the world. RC Cola stands for individuality and, for many, it is regarded as the “flavor of freedom.” Today RC Cola comes in several flavors: RC Cola Coffee, RC Cola Vanilla, and RC Cola Lemon just to name a few.

2. Royal Crown Cola

This true, southern cola has a history that started with Claude A. Hatcher in 1905. Made with real cane sugar, Royal Crown Cola has an authentically southern taste and a truly refreshing flavor. You can also try Royal Crown Cola Slim, sweetened with stevia, which has 50% fewer calories than the original version.

3. Mighty Rain

Mighty Rain is a powerful blend of citrus fruits that thrills the taste buds and energizes the senses. For consumers, this delicious soft drink is invigorating. Consumers associate it with a feeling of strength, and its taps into the great taste of adventure.

4. RC Q

First introduced in 1920, RC Q was originally known under the brand name of Nehi – after the company’s founder, Claud A. Hatcher, heard a salesman describe a competitor’s bottle as “knee-high.” Today, RC Q is marketed internationally, and the brand’s flavors include Orange, Grape, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Lemon, along with exotic combinations such as Kiwi Strawberry and Mango Melon. The product line also includes Diet/Light and Zero, as well as formulations that have real juice content.

5. RC Cola Refresher

Great with cocktails as well as on its own as a standalone drink, RC Cola Refresher is perfect for any occasion. RC Cola Refresher mixers – in Orange and Lemon flavors – bring new tastes to consumers’ favorite cocktails. RC Cola Refresher has a balance of flavors that provide sophisticated new tastes and bring innovation to mixed drinks, with flavors such as Tonic Water with Citrus and Ginger Ale with Cranberry.

6. Rad Rain

Rad Rain is powered for peak performance. It’s a refreshing energy drink that helps you refresh, regain that competitive edge or focus on important tasks. With an ability to quench the most serious of thirsts, Rad Rain comes in a range of flavors including Regular, Sugar Free, Cran-Orange, Mango Guava, and Acai-Blue.

7. RC Cola Neo

Al cola sweetened with a mix of stevia and natural cane sugar first introduced in 2013, RC Cola Neo offers 50% less calories than regular cola. Leading the way in taste and innovation, RC Cola Neo helps bottlers and distributors offer health-conscious consumers a bold, full-flavored choice. Made with natural flavors, natural sweeteners, and natural caffeine, RC Cola Neo strikes just the right balance. It offers a raw, natural cola taste and smooth, mellow finish without any of the aftertaste typically found in stevia-sweetened beverage products.

RC Cola International: Offering You Exciting Distribution Opportunities Worldwide

In today’s market, innovation is the name of the game. It is crucial to diversify and showcase a greater degree of innovation. By freshening up and modernizing your brand portfolio, you give your consumers a wide range of new and exciting choices that will improve your ROI. By adding one of RC Cola International’s popular beverage brands to your portfolio, you can tap into the success of the RC Family and create new opportunities for growth. Get in touch with us today.

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