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Behind Closed Doors: What RC Cola International Bottlers aren't Telling You

3 2019

RC Cola International is proud to partner with companies across the globe. Together we identify and work on business opportunities that are specific to each local market and create beverages that satisfy the different taste buds and needs of consumers worldwide. 

We believe in brand building. That’s because we understand from our own experience the value of having a really strong brand presence. A much-loved American icon for over 114 years, RC Cola is associated with a wide range of award-winning brands that are sold to millions of consumers. Our story starts in 1905 when our first product – Royal Crown Cola, was developed by Mr. Claude Hatcher, a pharmacist from Columbus, Georgia.

Identifying Opportunities for Growth

Non-alcoholic beverages represent a massive growth industry. By 2025, the non-alcoholic beverage industry is projected to reach $1.6 trillion in sales globally. In addition, Statista indicates that so far, in 2019, revenue in the soft drinks segment reached $707,719 million, and annual growth for 2019 is expected to reach 4.2 percent.

If you’re seeking ways to leverage these developments and increase your profits, RC Cola can help. We offer a range of products that address the many segments of the market and consumer tastes; from energy drinks and flavored waters to sugar-free options, natural sodas, and teas.

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Why You Should Become an RC Cola Soda Bottler

RC Cola international makes it easy to expand your beverage portfolio and we are fully invested in the success of every one of our bottling partners. 

Here’s how RC Cola International works together with bottlers and distributors, helping you increase sales and improve your bottom line.

1. An Authentic and Long-Standing Legacy

Bottling and distributing RC Cola’s beverages means you are part of RC Cola’s long-standing legacy. 

Whichever RC Cola beverage products you choose to bottle, you get the “added value” of leveraging our well-known, authentic brand story. Our products have a long-standing reputation and have a tradition of both excellence and innovation. This belief in innovation works well with our partners. We invest a lot in developing a trusting and open relationship with each and every one of our bottlers and distributors, making sure they have the freedom and support to be successful as an entrepreneur in the carbonated drink bottling market.

2. Ongoing Assistance and Support

RC Cola International provides 360-degree assistance with every aspect of business development. Our team is there to help with everything, from site selection and business plan development to training professional sales teams.

Our approach to partnership is one of collaboration. We root for your success every step of the way and are committed to investing in long-term relationships.

3. It’s All About Strategy

With our well-developed visual brand identity, we are in a strong position to provide you with guidance and help you build your own brands, which in turn helps you create a lasting impression. RC Cola International offers ongoing support in marketing, advertising, sales, packaging design, merchandising, and sales promotion. 

Critically, we’re aware of the differences in local markets and strive to develop marketing plans that are appropriate to your local market and budget.

4. Research & Development

Innovation, it’s at the heart of what we do. Consumers are always interested in exciting new products, and ongoing development is key to our success. We love including our partners in our research and engage our partners early on, getting feedback on new ideas.

5. Technical Support That Raises the Bar

RC Cola is all about quality and standards. Our team of experts is available to help you safeguard the quality of the finished products.

We’re on call to assist you throughout the entire bottling process, helping to ensure that your facilities meet (and exceed!) international, national, and local regulations. Our team provides updates about cutting-edge technological advancements and tools that help plants operate more effectively. In other words, we work with you to increase productivity, while reducing costs and providing rigorous quality control on water, sweeteners, and product samples.

6. Ongoing Opportunities for Growth

We encourage our partners to venture into new areas and develop innovative business and marketing ideas that will support their growth. 

We know that today’s consumers are always looking for exciting new flavors, and encourage bottlers and distributors to leverage new opportunities and expand their product offerings. 

The Time is Right: Become an RC Cola Bottler Today

We make it easy for you to expand your beverage offerings and become an RC Cola bottler, and we are fully invested in the success of every one of our partners. 

We’re looking forward to partnering with you. It’s the beginning of an exciting, new journey, and we’re delighted to be part of it. Become a bottler today.