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RC Cola Is Getting a Refreshed New Look!

1 2024

We’re extremely excited to announce a fresh makeover of our brand! With these changes, we aim to combine the rich heritage of the 119-year-old Royal Crown Global Beverages brand with our ambitious plans for global expansion.


The What: Refreshed Visual Identity and Marketing Strategy

With an eye on appealing to the younger audience and answering to new beverage trends while staying true to our roots, we have embarked on a comprehensive reimagining of the visual identity of our flagship products, including RC Cola. This refreshment is part of our brand's strategy to ignite a renewed passion for RC Cola as a craft soda brand among consumers in the coming years.

Anton V. Panajon, Senior Marketing Manager at RCGBI, expressed his great excitement about the innovative rebranding and the fresh look it brings to RC Cola. "In line with our innovative rebranding, we are thrilled to unveil a fresh look that resonates with the dynamic preferences of today's younger generation," he commented. "Our redesign carefully balances modern appeal with the deep-rooted legacy of RC Cola, ensuring that our cherished brand continues to thrive and connect with both new and loyal consumers across the globe."


With unique tastes and preferences when it comes to beverage choices changing worldwide, the refreshed look of RC Cola reflects the company's commitment to ensuring that this cherished brand thrives in the face of changing consumer expectations. The design captures the essence of what makes RC Cola special, appealing to a wide range of individuals, including those who have been loyal fans for years as well as those discovering the brand for the first time.

The Why: Combining Heritage with Global Expansion

By undertaking this global effort, we aim to ensure that people from different corners of the globe can enjoy the revitalized RC Cola brand. We understand the importance of reaching out to customers wherever they may be, providing them with the opportunity to savor the distinct taste and quality that RC Cola is known for, while staying on top of emerging beverage trends in the industry.

"This global effort underscores our commitment to making the new RC Cola experience accessible to our customers everywhere, solidifying our presence in existing markets and paving the way for new ones," added Antov.

The How: Global Rollout and Accessibility

We will work with its network of bottlers worldwide to bring the new brand look to life. You can expect the phased rollout of our new brand identity to take place in the first half of 2024, strengthening RC Cola's presence in existing markets and entering new ones. This global effort showcases RCGBI's commitment to making the new RC Cola experience accessible to consumers everywhere.

The global expansion of RC Cola is not only driven by a desire to increase accessibility but also by a passion to share the unique and exceptional flavors with consumers around the world. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, RC Cola embraces this new reality by embracing exotic and funky flavors that dominate the market and growing across the globe, with the recent success in Tajikistan being only one of many success stories, thanks to a partnership with Obi Zulol, the country's leading soda bottling company. This collaboration has contributed to RC Cola's success in the Tajik market, with more to come.

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