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RC Q’s Rebranding: Turning Heads, Quenching Thirsts

6 2024

Following the recent rebrand of RC Cola, we're excited to share that RC Q, the fruity soda that's been around and loved for years, is also getting a fresh new look, with quirky colors and a bold design that's sure to turn heads. RC Q’s vibrant design will surely stand out on shelves and appeal to consumers in a whole new way.  

The Look

First and foremost, let's talk about the new design of RC Q. The drink’s rebrand is here to better accentuate the burst of delightful taste RC Q brings while staying on top of the latest trends. The new look is focusing on introducing RC Q to new markets in an eye-catching and appealing way, while additionally surprising its loyal fans at the same time.

Taste the quench with the new RC Q

That’s exactly why the brand is getting a complete overhaul, with a bright and bold color palette that's sure to stand out on store shelves. The label design is fresh and modern, with playful illustrations and a fun, slightly irreverent tone to attract younger consumers who are looking for new and exciting drink experiences.

The Taste

Of course, the most important thing about any soda is the taste. We’ve created RC Q to deliver a captivating and enjoyable experience, which is why its diverse range of flavors like Orange, Lemon Lime, Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon and more, are still the same great taste.

It's the brand new look that shows the brand's commitment to bold, distinct flavors. That's something that bottlers can really get behind, as it makes it easier to market the product and differentiate it from other sodas on the market.

The Goal

The rebranding is more than a fresh coat of paint; think of it as strategic positioning in an ever-evolving market. Today's consumers aren't just thirsty; they're discerning, seeking out brands that resonate with their lifestyle and values. That's where our reinvigorated RC Q comes into play. With the brand new look, RC Q is set to attract new consumers of younger generations, while  offering the same taste loved by so many loyal drinkers. 

Did you know that the global soda market is expected to swell to unbelievable heights in the coming years? And RC Q, with its retina-grabbing design and time-tested flavors, is poised to grab a generous slice of that fizzing pie. By Partnering with RC Cola, you’re not just stocking a vibrant soda—you’re bringing a narrative to the shelves, a story of innovation, tradition, and audacious flavor.

New look of the beloved RC Q

What it means for you

This increased interest is anticipated to drive traffic and sales, benefiting our partners by aligning with a brand that's committed to innovation and staying current with consumer trends. By keeping the beloved taste intact and refreshing the look, we are preserving the nostalgia while adapting to contemporary preferences—a combination that will reverberate positively through the supply chain.

Besides, we know you know that diversification in the beverage industry is now more crucial than ever. As consumers' tastes evolve and the search for new, exciting flavors becomes prominent, you'll want to have a diverse range of products that not only increase market penetration but also elevate your brand's appeal. By adding RC Q to your portfolio, you'll have the opportunity to cater to this increasing diversity in consumer flavor preferences. 

Embrace the diverse, exciting world of flavors with RC Q and create a beverage portfolio that appeals to all taste buds. We’ve no doubt the new RC Q is about to be snapped off the shelves.