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Is The Timing Of A Launch For A New Beverage Really That Important?

6 2022

When planning the introduction of a new beverage to the market, it’s critical that you choose the best timing possible for your launch. Here’s a breakdown into the basics of finding the right timing for a successful product debut.

What’s Needed For A Stellar New Beverage Product Launch?

There are a few fundamental elements that should be in your beverage marketing strategy for new products.  Pre-launch buzz, which sees consumers made aware that something big is coming and anticipating your product debut, is important. 

Creating this buzz requires advance media planning and a strategy for making your new product a hot topic. Social media outreach, both before and after the launch, is an important aspect of a new beverage launch strategy with maximum market impact.


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1. Choosing The Best Time For Your New Beverage Launch

When determining the right time for your product debut, you should ask yourself the following questions. First, when does the market have the most need for my new beverage?

For example, many consumers are eager for better-for-you and low calorie options in the month of January. With getting healthy one of the top New Years’ resolutions made by consumers, a drink with lower sugar or enriched with vitamins is more likely to resonate with the public. 

For a new product that’s seasonal, consider updating your soda packaging to reflect the holiday or time of year. 

Environmental factors, including economic, political and cultural elements could also impact” your product launch, says Justin Nelson, Director of Strategy & Agency Services at Speedeon. “Understanding shopping behaviors surrounding holidays, election season, tax time or even a snowstorm could be instrumental in driving footsteps through your brand’s front door.”

The second question you should consider is if the product is really, truly, completely ready. Even if the timing is ideal, it’s critical that you don’t rush your new beverage to market if it’s not 100% ready. Debuting a product that still needs work is a recipe for disaster and will result in a flop. Missing a deadline is preferable to a premature launch.


2. Clearing Your Schedule Is A Must

If you’re ready to debut a new SKU, it’s crucial that you can fully commit your energy, manpower, and other resources to the launch. Be sure to confirm that there’s nothing else on your calendar near the projected launch date - you need to be totally focused on the launch. Just like a first impression, you only get one shot at a new product debut. 


3. Logistical Preparation Is Key 

So you and your team have laid the groundwork for your launch and are ready to reveal your new beverage to the world. But is your supply chain prepared for a dramatic spike in sales? Is your infrastructure (which includes your factories, distributors, and logistical assets) able to respond quickly to a sudden uptick in demand for your products?

If the answer is no, it’s important that you develop a comprehensive plan of action for ensuring that your logistics can keep up with a boost to your sales caused by media attention and buzz around your brand. Keep in mind that your launch can cause greater interest for your products across the board, that isn’t limited to your new product.


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4. Leave Plenty Of Time For Media Outreach 

You or your marketing and PR teams will need a sufficient window to create buzz and perform media outreach ahead of your new beverage launch. Pre-launch build-up is just as important as the actual launch for an optimal debut with a powerful market impact.

Most consumers search for a product or a service before it hits the market. For example, customers look for a movie before its release,” says marketing educator Tarek Riman. “To capitalize on this trend and attract new potential clients, marketers should focus on…the build-up phase, where you create a sense of excitement for your followers, users and visitors.”

Allow sufficient time for your team to roll out all aspects of their beverage marketing strategy, including reaching out to influencers, making contact with the appropriate media outlets, and pushing a social media campaign. This initial investment before your launch will make a world of difference for the success of your new beverage’s debut.

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