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Beverage Trends

The Fizz on Functional Beverages: The Market's Potential in 2024

For bottlers and beverage industry professionals, keeping a discerning eye on the market's trends is more critical than a perfectly mixed cocktail's recipe. Beyond the usual hits, like carbonated classics and iced...

Beverage Trends

Obi Zulol's Sizzling Launch of RCX Flavor Collection

A Premier RC Cola International Partner Obi Zulol is the leading bottling company in Tajikistan, a cornerstone of the local food and beverage industry, and a regional bottling powerhouse, as well.

Beverage Trends

Beverage Packaging - Innovations, Challenges, and the Road Ahead

Beverage packaging is a critical aspect of the beverage business – arguably as important as the beverages themselves. The reason? Packaging plays a critical role in preserving product quality, ensuring safety, and...

Beverage Trends

Beverage Bottlers, These are the Technologies Shaping the Industry

From sustainable packaging to smart warehousing, beverage bottlers should leverage these emerging technologies for success.

Beverage Trends

Craft Sodas: A Refreshing Opportunity for Beverage Brands

With craft sodas sweeping the market, here’s how to tap into this opportunity to boost your beverage brand, increase sales, and make the most of this hot trend.


The Bottler’s Guide to Innovative Beverage Packaging in 2023

As technology evolves and beverage trends change accordingly, it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening in the market in order to stay relevant.

Beverage Trends

Fruit Flavored Soda: The History of a Consumer Favorite

Fruity beverage trends have repeatedly swept the market, but how much do you know about the history of fruit flavored sodas? Here’s how this drink evolved from a quaint treat available at the local pharmacy to the...

Beverage Trends

Time For a Design Update? Here's When to Refresh Your Soda Packaging

Your soda packaging shows the world your brand’s unique personality and perspective, along with conveying critical information about your beverage and an opportunity to catch the eye of your target audience.

Beverage Trends

The 4 Hottest Coffee Trends Sweeping The Beverage Industry

The global coffee market is already worth billions, and is expected to reach a staggering $55.64 billion by 2026.