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How to expand your beverage brand to new audiences

Expanding a beverage brand is a crucial strategy to ensure sustained growth and market relevance. While it’s essential to nurture your existing customer base, tapping into new audiences can unlock new potential for...


Driving Success: How RC Cola Supports Its Bottlers

The beverage industry is no gentle stream; it's often a fierce current where only the most forward-thinking and adaptable entities survive. Which is exactly why here at RC Cola, we've built a comprehensivesupport system...


Content Marketing That Works for Your Beverage Brand

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing content that is valuable and relevant to a target audience. The goal is to attract and retain customers – driving them to profitable action by providing...


RC Cola NEW Philippines Goes Viral with a Unique Video Ad

Here’s how ARC Refreshments Corporation, our partner in the Philippines, created a quirky viral ad that resonated with consumers, raised brand awareness, and sparked a major boost to sales.


Current Beverage Trends You Should Know: SKU Expansion

One of the current beverage trends that’s shaping the industry landscape in a big way SKU expansion.


How RC Cola Made a Splash at DrinkTec 2022

From sustainable packaging to advanced technology, these are the major beverage industry trends we spotted at DrinkTec.


RC Cola's Beverage Marketing Through The Ages

Founded in Columbus, Georgia more than 115 years ago, RC Cola has made a name for ourselves at home and abroad by staying true to our Southern roots and out of the box advertising campaigns.


Welcome to the Family, RC Cola Nepal!

Meet the entrepreneurs bringing RC Cola’s southern hospitality to Nepal, and learn how they’re leveraging creative and innovative beverage marketing trends.


3 Ways to Boost Beverage Brand Innovation

In a highly competitive beverage market, brand innovation can make the difference between leading the pack and being left behind.


Beverage Marketing and Media Coverage - What You Need To Know

Launching a new beverage is just the first step in your beverage marketing strategy. Knowing how to successfully leverage earned media coverage is key.