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New Look, Same Great Taste: How RC Cola Brands Are Changing

6 2024

The beverage industry is an ever-turbulent sea of taste trends and market demands influenced by health consciousness, lifestyle changes and younger generations’ preferences. RC Cola's recent rebranding is continuing to ensure that every bottle and can that’s purchased is more than just a drink; it's a message in a bottle to a world that's changing its thirst quenching requirements.

We’re proud to introduce three more RC Cola brands which are getting fresh new looks: RC Cola Double Caffeine, RC Cola No Sugar, and RC Cola Flavor Collection. Read on as we explore these changes.

The New Buzz: RC Cola Double Caffeine's Thrilling Energizing Overhaul

Caffeine isn't just a buzzword anymore, the beverage industry has already seen an astronomical rise in sales of caffeinated drinks – which only explains the love for RC Cola Double Caffeine has been generating ever since it was released.

The design of the RC Cola Double Caffeine now has a matte finish, a more distinct identity, and, as always, our  recognizable logo. No need to worry though, the robust, deep taste of RC Cola Double Caffeine remains unchanged, it’s that underlying pulse of energy and zest that has been bolstered.

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Crafting Sugar-Free Success: RC No Sugar’s Reshaping

With sugar tax laws gaining traction worldwide and consumer preferences around sugar intake taking a U-turn, our RC Cola No Sugar is taking aim to set  the bar high for what it means to enjoy soda guilt-free - sans the sugar. With an unwavering commitment to flavor fidelity, RC Cola No Sugar masterfully mimics the classic RC Cola taste, ensuring that every sip delivers the full-bodied, refreshingly familiar experience—without a granule of sugar in sight.

This innovation represents a bold stride forward, catering to the taste buds of the future without compromising on the indulgent, full-flavor experience that RC Cola fans have come to love and expect – and that's exactly what we wanted the design to represent.

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The Flavor Symphony: RC Flavor Collection

Did you know that the exotic and adventurous flavors market is said to be valued at a staggering $20.5 billion by 2026? With this in mind, we released our Flavor Collection last year.

RC Cola Flavor Collection will now come in exciting new packaging  that match each of the tastes – pink for marshmallow, beige for vanilla, orange for winter spice, light green for lime, dark green – apple, and light brown for the beloved coffee.

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We’re hoping that the rebranding of RC Cola has set a new benchmark for the beverage industry, not just in terms of taste and health but also in anticipatory and strategic business planning. For the bottlers and the bottling businesses, this rebrand is a roadmap for what innovation and intuition can achieve.

Here’s to a future where every sip of RC is not just a taste sensation, but an affirmation of our times: bold, healthy, and richly flavored.